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aible’s Ad Hoc HR Support gives you expert advice and support for one-off issues, small or large without tying you into a contract.

Ad Hoc HR Support starts from £70 per hour or from £540 per day and can include support such as:

  • Coaching for difficult conversations with staff
  • Creating employment documentation
  • Guidance on managing absent employees effectively
  • Independent investigations into disciplinary and grievance situations
  • Onsite line manager training, for example:
  • Managing attendance
  • Understanding and managing the disciplinary process
  • Understanding what the Data Protection Act means for employee documentation.

Whatever’s worrying you, let me help put your mind at rest.


Benefits of choosing aible’s Ad Hoc HR Support

Small or large issues

Perhaps you have a small concern which just needs some short, sharp advice. Maybe you’ve got a long-running issue which you really want to resolve. However small or large the problem, aible’s Ad Hoc Support will allow you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

Pay for what you use

If you only have a few employees, you may not want to be tied into a monthly HR contract which you only use occasionally. Ad Hoc Support means you only pay for what you use.

Independent advice

When you work with your employees day in and day out it can be difficult for you to see things objectively. I can take a completely impartial view.

Proactive problem solving

You’ll be able to deal with any difficult situations head on. There is always a reason why problems occur or an employee is behaving in a certain way even if it’s not obvious. When you’re proactive, problems are often nipped in the bud and you can maintain a positive relationship with your staff.

Time saving

If you’re not quite sure of the right procedure, you can spend time doing things you don’t need to, or worse, having to go back to the start. I can help you come up with the necessary questions, coach you to have effective conversations, and help you compile the appropriate paperwork.

Good employee relations

You and your staff will be free to concentrate on your business instead of being distracted by time-consuming HR issues.

Call today on 01656 630 010 to find out what this support could look like for you.

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