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If you have a large, one-off situation such as redundancies, a merger or even a large recruitment drive, aible’s HR Project Supt can help.

Rates start at only £540 per day for both on-site and remote support.

HR Project Support offers you the guidance of a dedicated HR expert throughout any project without a long-term commitment. For each project I provide:

  • A timetable and project plan
  • All appropriate communication or documentation required as part of the project
  • On-site support with any consultations or meetings that are needed
  • Coaching for line managers on how to manage specific situations within the project that may involve difficult conversations with either employees or other companies

Large projects are potentially difficult, but you don’t have to do this on your own.


Benefits of choosing aible’s HR Project Support

Transparent pricing

You’ll receive an accurate estimate for my work on your project, allowing you to budget with very few hidden surprises.

Your own dedicated HR expert

You will get your own dedicated HR expert to support you throughout the project. All support will be tailored to the way you work.

Independent advice

Being inside your business day in and day out, it’s not always easy to see things objectively. Because I am totally independent and impartial, I can help you manage difficult situations effectively.

Productive use of time

A large project can become all-consuming leaving you little time for all your other work. I can take on the bulk of the project so you can carry on with your day job and manage the project effectively.

Communication with employees

When you’re dealing with a large project which may be crucial for the business, you may be concerned about what to reveal to your employees. I can advise you on how to communicate forthcoming changes to your staff to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Guidance in best practice

If you’re not used to handling a particular type of project, working out the right way to do things can be stressful. I can guide you through best practice in your situation.

Call today on 01656 630 010 to find out what this support could look like for you.

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